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Welcome to Shropshire Languages Society -  a non-profit, charitable organisation which supports language learning from an academic, professional and social perspective.  We provide language learning for less fortunate, young people, the elderly and other adult learners. We offer modern foreign languages, classical languages, British Sign Language and communication methods for sensory impairments and English to Speakers of Other Languages and English as a Foreign Language. We provide opportunities for young people and foreign people in the UK and abroad.




a  world of languages and cultures

The original Shropshire Languages Society was established in around 1962 by Harry and Doris Bristow, married couple, Richard Bristow, son and William Bell, all from a grammar school language teaching background. They established the Society to allow students and adults to seek advice and support on their language studies, and to provide language learning and advice for those who may, otherwise, be unable to access language learning opportunities. We are able to provide an excellent service on low funding owing to the commitment and knowledge of our team and resources available.