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Learning and Careers


We cater for less fortunate learners of all ages and abilities, and accept referrals or enquiries at any time during the year. We offer outreach to schools, colleges and other centres and they may refer or recommend a student to us for advice and guidance on learning and careers options.


Adult Learning  Advice


It can be difficult to  know what is right for you. We can help assess your situation and find a personalised study programme or course which can suit you as an individual. We can also help to devise study methods for learners of all ages. If we cannot at first find a solution we will keep trying until we can.


Support for Parents


The majority of parents want to get involved in their child's learning but with languages that's somewhat difficult for a non-linguist.


You have to know language or subject at the level at your child's level, and it is hard even during primary school as it is not a subject like English or Mathematics where you are generally steps way ahead of them. It is in fact very specialist like learning a musical instrument and parents often feel left out!


Well here are some ideas for helping and also possibly encouraging your child to learn a language. Our team is also happy to discuss you can support your child and get involved. We have  academic and pastoral oversight of each age-group for school pupils by a senior member of the team.


For younger children (ages. 3-7) books and products that help vocabulary learning are useful as the younger the child, the easier it is to accumulate new words and their sounds. Memory games can be played with these and these are a fun and simple way to remember words.


If your child is taking a language a good step is to ensure that your child is well equipped with a good bilingual dictionary.  If taking a language at AS level or onwards they are expected to be able to organise themselves and it is essential to have a large dictionary (not a pocket dictionary) in the language/s they are studying plus ideally a grammar book and verb book.