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Mission Statement

Vision: To provide language learning for less fortunate groups and promote language learning from an  social and professional perspective.


        •To develop and maintain a community of interest between people who enjoy sharing their appreciation of language, whether their own or others.

        •To respond positively to all inquiries about learning or practising any language communication.

        •To provide accessible language learning for all.


• To provide quality guidance over the process and benefits of language studying with a flexible approach.

•To raise awareness to learner or potential learners of the benefits and options available for foreign language study.


•To provide learning facilities for which there may not necessarily be statutory funding available.


•To share and raise awareness of the latest good practice and technology and resources available and to encourage their implementation.


•To encourage the combining of language learning with other complementary subject areas, especially Arts, Music, ICT, Humanities, Tourism and Business.


•To experiment with new learning methods to make studying more effective and enjoyable through a range of media.


•To ensure the inclusion of all groups and promote multiculturalism.


•To prevent language and communication being a barrier.


•To encourage those who possess a natural aptitude for foreign language learning to take advantage of their talent.